Hi, I'm Ling Abson. I'm a life coach.

I work with women who knows there's more to life than this. You are tired of...

  • being afraid of putting yourself out there
  • feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to do
  • feeling stuck due to self-doubt
  • reading a lot of "how-tos" but not doing anything
  • binge-watching Netflix but at the same time, can't stop thinking about your goals and dreams

I am on a mission to help overwhelmed women gain more clarity, have more purpose and do it with ease.

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In the one hour call, Ling showed me how to rationalize my fears and I'm now starting my Facebook campaign which I hadn't been able to do for half a year. I now feel very positive about making the changes I need to move on to the next step.

Margaret Summers - ViziScience

Before I talked to Ling, I was struggling with how to take all of my ideas and refine them to get an offering to my ideal client. I felt that I needed to have an outside view of where I’m overthinking and under performing.

I was blown away by the session with Ling. She was able to unravel what I felt like was a dump of information and came out on the other side with clarity on my direction as well as very specific action steps that I need to take in the short term to move in the direction of success.

I felt like the hour that we spent was the most productive thing I had done all week.  I left the call motivated and energized to get to work and deliver on my action steps.

Alexis Shaffer


I really enjoyed my coaching experience with Ling and am so grateful to have had a chance to work with her. From the first session, I felt valued and heard, and in following each session felt even more understood and guided.

Ling graciously listened, reflected what she heard, and offered powerful suggestions of tools to try and practices to experiment with. I appreciated the balance of not being pushed nor let off the hook. I also appreciated Ling's presence and openness with me as I knew she was really there as I worked through issues, and cheering me on as I did the work. Thank you so much, Ling.

Stella Burchard

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying.

-Tony Robbins